Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Work Station

So, here's my messy work station. Haha! This area used to be a computer cafÉ, family owned. We shut it down due to some shitty persons who snatched my brother's mobile phone inside the shop. LOL. Anyway, this I tell you, I have lots of drawers, boxes and other containers here. I kind'a like to sort my tools and my clays but I think they're just too many and I'm just too lazy to rearrange them all! Haha :D

Starting up, I have two large tiles that serve as my work surface. I used to knead and roll my clay on a piece of paper way back then because I still have no idea on what surface to work on. I also have my lamp. Inside the drawers are the tools that I often use - blades, rollers, mica, cutters and texture sheets.

On the left side of the worksurface are my pasta machine, pliers, molds and clays - polymer, paper and home made clays.

The small box on the upper left contains fabric paints and textiles, fimo deko gel, tls, liquid kato and gloss. On the upper right, some packaging needs and foil. The large box at the bottom contains tools that I seldom (or sometimes, never!) use, blue container on top of it contains metal findings, and on it's right side are lots and lots of bubble wrap that I would like to pop. ♥

More on next post. :)


  1. I love to see where artists work! You have lots of little spaces for all your tools :)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jennifer! ♥

    I want to rearrange all of them but I have little time though because I go to the office during weekdays. :(


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