Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo/Image Transfer

This is how I did it. Read on! LOL
I brushed tls and fimo deko gel on the the two photo transfers above and baked them. The paper underneath is washed with running water. Still not done with the base. I'm still planning on what I'll use them for though.

The three photo transfers below is created by burnishing the paper with the printed side on top of white clay, making sure that there are no bubbles trapped between them. I then sprayed with water and rubbed the paper with light pressure. As you cans see, the first image transfer (the one with the ball) smudged a bit because of too much rubbing. The second one's almost perfect but the border was distorted because i have trimmed over the image's edge, same with the third transfer. I'll try alcohol or gin next time instead of water. I wonder how it'll turn out. :D

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