Friday, May 20, 2011

Tisyert Peeps at Laguna

Last day of April, we decided to leave the city for a while to enjoy the summer. So off we go to Laguna! It took us just a couple of hours to arrive at my bestfriend's house in Malinao Majayjay Laguna from the bus terminal in Cubao. That was darn fast! Didn't expected that because the last time we went there (last 2008), it took us about four hours.

Anyway, first thing we did when our feet stepped on their doorstep - eat breakfast! Her mother cooked tapa, fried chicken, and our favorite - Über sweet potatoes! Love love love! ♥ After eating, we went outside the house to feel the province breeze. We took lots of pictures of their roosters, the scenery, and a whole lot more! We reminisced our 2008 moments there. Haha! Lots and lots of fun! We felt sleepy so we decided to go to bed and charge ourselves to get ready for the adventure that awaits us that day.


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